The Department of Commerce & International Trade provides innovative, quality undergraduate Commerce Education in Coimbatore, South Western Region of Tamil Nadu, India. The Curriculum incorporates application-oriented learning to prepare our students with the skills required by the business at large, to excel and function responsibly with values. The faculty members come with the blend of Industry and Academia Experience, and they vibrate positive impact through excellence in discipline, teaching, research and community engagement.

To Equip and Empower budding graduates, who want to pursue a career in Accounting, Taxation, Advertising, Sales & Marketing with big corporates. At the same time enable them to take on higher professional studies like, Indian Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy, Company Secretaries. Besides they are also well equipped to pursue International Qualifications such as ACCA (UK), USCMA, USCPA which they can pursue in parallel while graduating. Apart from they are also trained to face the CAT/GMAT/ and other competitive examinations for entry into premier Indian Institutes of Management (IIM’s/ISB) or a career of their choice.



3 Years

Subject List

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
17EN2001 English for Communication 3:0:0
17LN2001/17LN2005/ 16LN2009 French-I/ Tamil -1/Hindi-1 3:0:0
20BC2001 Financial Accounting -I 4:0:0
20BC2002 Business Organization and Management 4:0:0
20BC2003 Business Economics 3:0:0
20BC2004 Marketing Management 4:0:0
17CH1004 Environmental Studies 3:0:0
Total 24
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
17EN2002 Professional English 3:0:0
17LN2002/17LN2006/ 16LN2010 French-II/ Tamil -II/Hindi-II 3:0:0
20BC2005 Financial Accounting- II  4:0:0
20BC2006 Banking Theory Law and Practice 3:0:0
20BC2007 Company Law and Secretarial Practice 4:0:0
20MA2010 Business Mathematics 3:0:1
17VE2002 Value Education 0:0:2
Total 23
SIP2995 Summer Internship Program** 2
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
20BC2008 Corporate Laws 4:0:0
20BC2009 Advanced Accounting 4:0:0
20BC2010 Income Tax 4:0:0
20BC2011 Financial Accounting – LAB 0:0:2
20BC2013 Business Research Methods 4:0:0
20MA2012 Business Statistics With R 3:0:1
Total 22
SIP2995 Summer Internship Program** 2
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
20BC2014 Corporate Accounting-I 4:0:0
20BC2015 Investment Management 3:0:0
20BC2016 Principles of Auditing 3:0:0
20BC2017 Cost Accounting I  4:0:0
20BC2018 Indirect Tax 4:0:0
20BC2019 Disaster Management 3:0:0
Total 21
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
20BC2020 Corporate Accounting-II 4:0:0
20BC2021  Cost Accounting –II  4:0:0
20BC2022 Financial Management 4:0:0
20BC2023 Indian Financial System 4:0:0
20BC2024 International Business 4:0:0
XXXXX MOOC/SWAYAM/Other Certifications (8Wks) 2:0:0
Total 22
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
19MT2015 Fundamentals of Advertising 4:0:0
20BC2025 Management Accounting 4:0:0
20BC2026 New Venture Creation 4:0:0
PSP2998 Part Semester Project/Business models/Innovative strategies 0:0:12
Total 24

BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (B. Com General) - 2020-21 Batch onwards CURRICULUM

Papers Credits
General Core 31*
Departmental Core 93
Internship (4 weeks) 04
Part Semester Project/Business models/Innovative strategies 12
Total 140