The Department of English has shown progress in the field of Literature and Language from the day of its inception. The department maintains excellence in incorporating innovation in curriculum development and teaching methodology. It provides quality education in both English Literature and Language. It assists the students and scholars to explore Literature and Language and expose their creative ideas through thesis and projects. It provides a conducive environment and technology to enhance English Communication. It aims to produce holistic, value-based literary personalities by exploring and nurturing their potentials so as to discover and to exchange the knowledge to student community, society and to provide solutions to human problems.

The vision of the Department of English is to impart an in-depth knowledge in English literature and language studies and to inculcate communicative skills and soft skills training by using the latest technology and best possible innovations in teaching and assessment. Moreover, in alignment with the noble vision to raise professionals and leaders of high academic calibre and unblemished character, nurtured with a strong motivation and commitment to serve humanity, Karunya’s Open Distance learning (ODL)/ Online Learning (OL) programme is also working hard to educate the students whose dreams of graduating was so far a reverie. Karunya has started Postgraduate Programme in English to fulfil the thirst of literature lovers.

The mission of the programme is to concentrate on health among the four major areas where Karunya is focussed to find solutions to human problems. Literature is the reflection of life and thus it speaks about the mind of an individual and find the solutions psychologically and mentally. This programme will execute the vision of the founders of Karunya.


2 Years

Subject List

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
17VE3001 Value Education 2:0:0
17EN3001 British Literature 3:1:0
17EN3002 Shakespeare 3:1:0
17EN3003 Modern Applied Linguistics 3:1:0
17EN3004 Christian Literature 3:1:0
17EN3005 Indian Writing in English 3:1:0
17EN3006 English Structure and Phonetics 3:1:0
17EN3007 American Literature 3:1:0
17EN3008 Literary Theory and Criticism 3:1:0
17EN3010 Teaching English as Second Language 3:1:0
17EN3011 New Literatures in English 3:1:0
17EN3033 Ecocritical Studies 3:1:0
Total Credits46
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
17EN3013 Canadian Literature 3:0:0
17EN3014 Research Methodology 3:0:0
17EN3015 English Poetry for Aesthetics 3:0:0
17EN3016 Business English 3:0:0
Total Credits12
Course CodeCourse Title Credit
17EN3020 Comparative Literature 3:0:0
17EN3021 Task Based Language Teaching 3:0:0
17EN3022 Feminism 3:0:0
17EN3023 World Literature in Translation 3:0:0
17EN3026 Computer Aided Language Teaching Lab 0:0:2
17EN3027 Specialization: Language and Literature Studies Lab 0:0:2
17EN3028 Language Proficiency Lab 0:0:2
17EN3031 Executive English Lab 0:0:2
Total Credits20
Course CodeCourse Title Credit
FSP3999 Full Semester Project 12 / 20


Papers Credits
Programme Core 46
Soft core 12
Other Electives 20 / 12
Project 12 / 20
Total Credits90