The distance can never be an obstacle to learning. Explore and enhance your knowledge through our Online and Distance Learning!

Karunya Institute of Technology and Science was established in 1986 with a vision to find solutions to human problems and has a significant mark in education, knowledge sharing and teaching. It has now stepped into a new realm of teaching and learning through the Online and Distance Learning mode to reach the unreached, marginalized and less privileged learners.

The Online and Distance mode of learning will provide opportunities to the candidates who would like to expand their field of interest, gain knowledge, learn conveniently while in a job at a reasonable cost, develop their skill to equip themselves in their career and to benefit all sections of society through education without bias. The courses are designed to impart the same knowledge shared through the regular mode to the learners to feel the same as they learn in the college. The courses are handled by expert teaching faculty with excellent materials and contact hours. There is a continuous assessment to assess and value the knowledge shared and received. The whole learning aims at upgrading the knowledge and skill of the learners through quality education using modern technologies and methodologies.