Conduct of End Semester Examination:

1. All processes of assessment of learners in different components of Examination shall be directly handled by the concerned Institution and no part of the assessment shall be outsourced.

2. For ensuring transparency and credibility, the full time faculty of the Open and Distance Learning and/or Online mode Higher Educational Institutions or qualified faculty from University Grants Commission recognised Higher Educational Institutions only should be associated to function as invigilators, examination superintendents, as observers etc.

For Online Programmes

1. A Higher Educational Institution offering programme through Online mode shall conduct examinations either using Computer based test or pen and paper test in a proctored environment in designated test centre with all the security arrangements ensuring transparency and credibility of the examinations. It can also conduct online examination through technology mediated proctoring.

2. The attendance of examinees shall be authenticated through biometric system as per Aadhaar details or other Government identifiers for Indian learners and Passports for International learners.

Remote Proctoring:

Following security measures to be ensured for conducting online examination through remote proctoring:

(a) Secure browser: there must be custom application pre-installed on the machine for the examination preventing opening of any other windows or application. This application must prevent Screen Capturing, Recording and Remote Login or taking output to a remote screen through Video Graphic Array (VGA), Universal Serial Bus (USB) or High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports features.

(b) Remote Proctoring: remote proctoring shall involve image capturing in intervals or video streaming of the candidate through webcam or screen capturing of the current access screen of the candidate.

(c) Data Encryption: Online examination system‘s data needs to be encrypted to prevent any kind of misuse. Question Bank and exam data must be stored in a highly secure and encrypted manner. The entire communication between server and client/student machine during the examination needs to be encrypted with a secure mode of communication.

Examination Centre: Remote proctoring from HEI