Guidelines and Standards for the Grievance Redress System

The Higher Educational Institution shall have a policy on Grievance Redress System based on following guidelines and standards, namely:

(i)the policy shall be unbiased and understandable;

(ii)there shall be time line for each stage of the process;

(iii)the policy shall be published on Higher Educational Institutions portal so that the learners may read and refer to;

(iv)the policy shall be made available to learners with disability in appropriate format and the provision shall be made accordingly in the policy document;

(v)the authority or authorities involved in the grievance redressal process shall treat and investigate the facts impartially;

(vi)the Higher Educational Institutions shall address the grievances in a timely manner so as to lessen interruption in learning process of the learner;

(vii)the Higher Educational Institution shall have a proper communication and escalation mechanism which shall be operated and maintained through the online software application;

(viii)the Higher Educational Institution shall maintain the confidentiality of the complainant as far as possible;

(ix)the Higher Educational Institution shall ensure that officer(s) deputed for the learner support at the Higher Educational Institution, the Regional Centres and Learner Support Centre(s) (for Open and Distance Learning programmes) are able to provide guidance on submitting grievances in the portal;

(x)there shall be a provision to withdraw a complaint without prejudice at any time during the procedure; and

(xi)the learner shall be kept informed of the status in relation to his or her queries or grievance on priority.

For registering grievance:

The Grievance Redressal Committee of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences is constituted for ODL/OL programmes with the following members for a period of two years.

Dr. E.J. James  Pro-Vice Chancellor(SI&R) Chairperson
Prof.Dr. R. Elijah Blessing  Registrar Secretary
Dr. C. Joseph Kennady  Director(Centre of Distance and Online Education) Member
Dr. Sajan Kurien  Dean(Agriculture Science) Member
Dr. Ciza Thomas  Dean(Computer Science and Technology) Member
Dr. J. Clement Sudhahar  Dean(Karunya School of Management) member
Dr. D. Nirmal  Associate Dean(Engineering and Technology) Member
Dr. S. Albones Raj  Director(Student Affairs) Member
Dr. A.Albert Rajan  Deputy Registrar(Student Affairs) Member
Mr. A. John Bennet  Section Officer(Registrar's Office) Member Secretary