The undergraduate program in Criminology is the step towards the objective of expanding in many scientific areas intending to build upon and to further the position of the Karunya Institute of Technology and sciences a deemed to be university as one of the leading academic institutions of our country. State-of-the-art teaching learning facilities are available for training the students in the demanding areas of industrial and societal needs. Well qualified faculty with decades of experience with multimedia equipment provide the motivation for the students to learn with added care and support.

The Department of Digital Sciences aims to maintain excellence in education which has been the tradition since its inception. The department incorporates this approach to all its activities including curriculum development and teaching . It provides a quality scientific education to instil innovative, effective, creative, and competitive spirit in every student. The main focus of the department is to provide a conducive environment to learn the wonders of the nature through frontier areas of criminology.

It aims to produce holistic, value-based criminologists by exploring and nurturing their potentials so as to discover and to exchange the knowledge to student community, society and to provide solutions.

Syllabus and Curriculum

  1. The curriculum and the syllabus are designed as per the UGC norms for the programme to benefit students in getting equivalence certificate for state and central government jobs.
  2. The curriculum will cover the content of all the state and central government examinations such as UGC-NET and SET.
  3. Special elective courses like Abnormal Psychology, Restorative Justice, GIS Crime Mapping, Cyber crime are offered.
  4. Curriculum is vetted by eminent academicians from universities, the institutes of national eminence and industry experts.


3 Years

Subject List

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
17LN2001/ 17LN2005/ 16LN2009 French-I/ Tamil -1/Hindi-I 3:0:0
17EN2002 Professional English  3:0:0
20CR2001 Introduction to Criminology 4:0:0
20CR2002 Contemporary Forms of Crime 4:0:0
20CR2003 Fundamentals of Constitution of India 4:0:0
17CH1004 Environmental Studies 3:0:0
Total Credits21
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
17LN2002/ 17LN2006/ 16LN2010 French-II/ Tamil -2/Hindi-II 3:0:0
17EN2001 English for Communication 3:0:0
20CR2004 Forensic Science 4:0:0
20CR2005 Police Administration 4:0:0
20CR2006 Criminal Procedure Code 4:0:0
20CR2007 Research Methodology 3:0:0
20CR2008 Field Visit to Criminal Justice Institutions 0:0:2
17EN2005 Communication skills lab 0:0:2
Total Credits25
Course CodeCourse Title Credit
20CR2009 Psychology of Crime 4:0:0
20CR2010 Victimology 4:0:0
20CR2011 Indian Penal Code and Indian Evidence Act 4:0:0
20CR2012 Child Protection 4:0:0
20CR2013 Practical 0:0:2
17EN2012 Professional English Practice 0:0:2
Summer Internship -1 0:0:1
Total Credits21
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
20CR2014 Forensic Medicine 4:0:0
20CR2015 Penology and correctional Administration 4:0:0
20CR2016 Special And Local Laws 4:0:0
Elective I 4:0:0
20MS2002 Modeling for Business Plan 0:0:2
20CR2017 Outdoor Training 0:0:2
20CA2005 Computer fundamentals Lab 0:0:2
Total Credits22
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
20CR2018 Human Rights 4:0:0
20CR2019 Private Detective and Security Management 4:0:0
20CR2020 Crime Prevention 4:0:0
20CR2021 Criminal Profiling 4:0:0
Elective 2 4:0:0
17VE2002 Value Education 0:0:2
Summer Internship -2 0:0:1
Total Credits23
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
Elective 3 4:0:0
Elective 4 4:0:0
Elective 5 4:0:0
Elective Lab 0:0:2
PSP3998 Part Semester Project 0:0:12
Total Credits26


Papers Credits
Departmental Core 79
General Core 23
Specialization Electives 22
Summer Internship 2
Full / Part Semester Project 12
Total Credits138