The Online Distance Learning initiative of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Department of Media and Communications is a giant leap in the arena of a futuristic Media and Communications Programme. The infrastructural facilities in the Department and the state-of-the-art features of the Karunya Media Centre are indeed a boon to students and provide them with hands on experience. Good infrastructure, library facilities, a comprehensive syllabus and a dynamic faculty force provides the distance learner with an added advantage. The Karunya Media Course fosters team spirit, hones creativity and shapes industry ready, ethically conscious and socially responsible citizens.

At the Department of Media and Communication, excellence in holistic education, is not merely an objective, but a way of life. The Media is the fourth pillar of a democratic society. Students of Media and Communication, obtain practical exposure at Karunya. Students have the freedom to learn, to explore, to innovate and to practice the art and craft of media as a scientific discipline and a social movement. The department judiciously follows an innovative approach in its varied activities including curriculum development and teaching methodology. The Department endeavours to provide creative and scientific education to instill a spirit of enterprise, an inquisitive and creative demeanour in every student. The Department educates and nurtures fundamentally strong, research oriented and industry ready media professionals.

In adherence to the University’s mission, to provide continuous, flexible learning opportunities to all, particularly to those who could not join regular colleges or universities owing to social, economic and other constraints, the Post Graduate degree programme in Media and Communication (M.sc. Visual Communication), offered in the Open Distance Learning (ODL)/Online Learning (OL) mode aims at providing good quality education. It is also suitable for those who are already employed to enhance their academic qualification which would enable better career prospects in their profession.

The focus of the mission is to impart knowledge and technical knowhow regarding fundamental concepts and evolving principles in media like new media, communication research, contemporary advertising, direction and film making techniques, graphics and animation to apply them in doing field/research projects in the areas of Energy, Health Care, Water , Food and Educational Research to solve societal issues.


2 Years

Subject List

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
17MC3001 Research Methodology 3:0:0
17MC3004 ICT for Development 3:0:0
17MC3006 Virtual Reality 3:0:0
17MC3024 Media Psychology 3:0:0
16VC3002 Contemporary Advertising Methods 3:0:0
17MC3026 New Age Printing 3:0:0
17MC3009 Virtual Reality Lab 0:0:2
17MC3025 Lab Journal 0:0:4
Total Credits24
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
17MC3018 Documentary Production 3:0:0
17VE3001 Value Education 2:00
17MC3023 International Communication 3:0:0
17MC3019 Visual Merchandising 3:0:0
17MC3013 Direction 3:0:0
17MC3014 Direction Lab 0:0:4
17MC3021 Documentary Film Lab 0:0:4
17MC3022 Visual Merchandising Lab 0:0:2
Total Credits24
Course CodeCourse Title Credit
17MC3005 Report Writing and Publication 3:0:0
17MC3016 Media Analysis 3:0:0
17MC3015 Social Media 3:0:0
17MC3020 Development Communication 3:0:0
17MC3010 Advanced Animation 3:0:0
17MC3017 Social Media Lab 0:0:2
17MC3011 Advanced Animation Lab 0:0:4
17MC3012  Sound Effects and Foley Lab  0:0:2
Total Credits23
Course CodeCourse Title Credit
FSP/3999  Full Semester Project/Research Dissertation  20
Total Credits20


Papers Credits
Core Subjects 48
Elective 43
Total Credits91